That moment! – archive

Originally posted November 21, 2010

I had that moment! Yes, *that* moment in life where you know you are doing what you meant to be doing and everything in life is coming together.

I am so incredibly happy right now! Most things in my life are pretty darn good.  I have an amazing husband, a roof over my head, a full-time job (non-photography related), great family and friends!  I mean, I’m not rolling in cash or anything, but I am comfortable.  Plus, I am doing what I love to do!  I am embarking on my journey to be a professional photographer.  I have done several portrait shoots, which I love doing but last weekend I did my first event.  I photographed a Quinceanera!  One of my friend’s asked me if I would photograph her cousin’s Quinceanera, and I am not one to turn down a photographic opportunity, so I said sure! I knew that there would be a language barrier, but I was not too worried about it.  Most people there spoke at least a  little English and hablo muy poquito Espanol… so it worked! I had a blast, we met before hand to take getting ready photos, then we went to a park to have some formal shots before hand.  It was a really good time!!!

Then, on Sunday when I was editing photos… everything came out so good, I got such great shots! I just was looking over all the shots and I was just so happy.  I nearly started to cry.  THIS is what I want to do with me life.  I want to give people the gift of memory, so to speak.  I love documenting life and love and then being able to give people a memento from that day.

It was very refreshing! It was an amazing epiphany.  😀


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