Orlando Senior Photography ~ Miss M

Congratulations to all the graduation seniors! It is such an exciting time in your life! Some things are coming to an end and new doors are opening all around you!
I would like to wish all of the graduating class of 2014 the best of luck! I have so many things that I would like to share and express, but I could not put it as eloquently as my lovely friend, Emma Grace. So, here is a selection from a letter to the graduating class of 2014!

“Dear Seniors,

…I love your spirit and your individuality. From day one, you guys showed me that you were creative, unique, and driven; it is my intense hope that you hang on to these attributes. Don’t let anyone take them from you. You will find—unfortunately, many of you already have—that people will try to undermine you to make themselves feel better. Don’t give them the chance. Believe in yourself. Be confident in who you are. Always respect yourself. Once you do, the world will follow your lead.

That goes for relationships, as well. You deserve someone who loves and respects you. You deserve honesty and loyalty. Don’t settle for less. You’re young. Take this time to focus on becoming the person you want to be and not who someone expects you to be. Likewise, treat others kindly. No one appreciates being excluded or humiliated. Remember that we are much more complex than Disney characters, so those shallow, fictional expectations won’t work for us. Be real. Be honest with yourself and with others, and then follow your heart.

… Seriously, don’t settle. If your heart doesn’t sing when you’re with him/her, let go. You deserve better.

Finally, make sure that every once in a while you take a break from social media and spend time in the “real world.” Remember, “we’re more than just hashtags and Twitter”.  Really get to know the people around you; you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

…Thank you and good luck!

-Emma Grace”

You can find more of her lovely and inspiring words here Caffeinated and Conscious




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