Wedding Photography Tips ~ Getting Ready Photos

This is the first in a series of blog posts to help make the wedding day go as smoothly as possible!


Getting Ready Photos

~If there are “must have” getting ready photos, make sure that your photographer knows this and knows exactly what you want before the day of the wedding. Possibly starting a Pinterest board with your photographer can be helpful if your photographer is open to it!

~May be this is silly but it is important to have a clean room or have some “order” in the room … Sometimes at the hotel you can ask for the housekeeper to do it, this way is so easy to get better spots and photos!

~ Have all the detail items laid out when photographer arrives. Precious time can be waste trying to gather, the rings, shoes, flowers, perfume, family heirlooms and your bridal gift! These images can be taken while you are still in hair and make-up!

~ Try to find a room with the best natural lighting… this is good not only for the photographer, but the hair and make-up artists and the videographers.

~ Be specific with your photographer on your expectations for the images before the day of the wedding. Do you not wish to get photographed before you have any make-up on? Do you want to have a first look with your father and mother? This will help manage expectations and there will be no disappointments after the wedding.

~What about the groom? Do you want getting ready images of him and his men? Remember that these images take time and planning and you have to schedule enough time for the photographer(s) to capture this images.

~ What a coordinated look for you and your maids? Have everyone wear the same color robes or button downed shirts! The images will have a very clean feel, plus no one will smear their make-up!

~ Who will be helping you get into your dress? Your mom? Your bridesmaids? Make sure expectations are set beforehand. Also, if your bridesmaids are helping, think about what they are wearing. For a coordinated look, have all your helpers or helper matching what they are wearing, all in their dresses or

~ Remember to schedule enough time with your photographer if you want these images, if you are getting ready at the venue then the time frame is not as stressed. The photographer needs time to set up before the ceremony, get with the coordinator to find out the rules for photography during the ceremony and possibly get the detail shots of the reception. Rushing around it the last thing you want to worry about on your special day.

~ Make sure someone is assigned to help navigate wedding guests away from you and your maids while you are getting ready. The last thing you want is a picture of you in your dress hitting the interwebs before your husband to be has had a chance to see it in person!

~ Don’t forget to purchase a nice, strong (bonus points for pretty) hanger for your dress. The plastic ones break (believe me).

~ If you would like a photo of your invitation suite, bring that along too. This makes a nice backdrop for your detail shots of your ring.

~I always send my brides an email discussing her getting ready photos and suggest getting an additional room/suite next to the one she is in or down the hall, if possible. That is where I can shoot her details, she can get her hair and makeup done there, put her dress on their etc. If that’s not possible, I do ask that her detail items be on the bed and the room kept tidy but I can tell you that after shooting weddings for over 2 decades that rarely happens. Once the bridal party storms in, the friends and relatives stop by, the fruit trays arrive….well, it isn’t likely to happen. LOL I put it in an email though because in my mind, it is a legal document meaning that I’ve explained the benefit of having an additional “getting ready” suite. If the room looks like a tidal wave hit, shoot wide open and smile.
Thank you to all the photographers who contributed to this blog post!

Amber of A. Shaffer Photography

Debra of DK Photography

Emily of Emily Katharine Photography

Jaimi of Essentia Special Moments Photography

Mir of Mir Salgado Photography

Amanda of StarryEyed Photography

Thank you Tampa Shutter Sister!


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