StarryEyed Stories ~ Mount Dora Anniversary Session

We started at his favorite bench. Albert and Monica were out celebrating nine years together, but it couldn’t be all about romance. The relationships that last are always about more. To stand the test of time a couple must also include daily doses of fun and laughter.


Monica and Albert decided to use quaint downtown Mt. Dora as their backdrop. Their story began there when they worked together at a small restaurant. Eventually they began a long courtship which lasted four years and led to a two year engagement. That magic moment happened on a different bench near Mt. Dora’s charming lighthouse. They decided to sit and take a moment to reminisce.


Now they’ve been married three years. Albert works managing a highly rated restaurant in Mt. Dora and Monica teaches at a local high school. They enjoy fine dining experiences out and cozy nights in watching documentaries or playing video games. Life can be hectic, but spending time together remains a priority. The natural way they smile at each other shows a love that thrives in spite of challenges.


As marriage requires compromise, they posed for both fun and romantic shots. Monica chose an old gate and abandoned warehouse for the blend of nature and industry reflecting her love of nature and his love of tech. They hold hands standing together in front of the aging metal wall where vines sprout subtly showing a passing of time. They are at a point where they are each other’s past, present and future. No one knows where the next chapter of life will lead, but they have discovered that together they are home.


Home is wherever I’m in your arms.


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