About Me

Ciao! My name is Amanda Burkhalter and I am the photographer of StarryEyed Photography.  It has been my pleasure to capture love and other special moments in my clients’ lives for a little over four years now!

I love photography because it captures a moment in time, a moment in your life… a moment you will never get back.  I was first drawn to photography many, many years ago while taking a photography course in middle school.  Snapping a camera, entering the dark room and then within a short period of time seeing and holding the moment, being able to relive it over and over again…   First with film and now with digital, the idea of having a tangible reminder of an experience is just so romantic to me.  Your first dance as husband and wife, your first family portrait with your perfect new baby, your child’s first birthday party… life moves way too fast, and I love that I am able to provide my clients with those memories.

I live in the small town of Mount Dora with my amazing husband and precious little two year old boy!  I am obsessed with coffee!  (Never mind the fact that it keeps me functioning most days!)  I am a Christian woman.  John 13:34-35.  I love art, soccer, the beach, being outside on a cool Spring day, anything to do with Italy, travel and adventures!  I am also a total geek… I love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

3 Amanda
Image by Nina of Iridescent Photography

Thanks for checking out my work, and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email: Amanda@StarryEyedPhoto.com

peace and love - amanda

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