-Do you have a studio?
No, I am a natural light, on-location photographer. I would rather use the beauty of your favorite environment, whether it is a local park, your beloved coffee shop, or your lovely home to capture your perfect moments.

-Do you have lighting equipment?
Yes, I do have lighting equipment that I am fully trained and capable of using if it is necessary.

-I want to book you… Now what?
Awesome! We will arrange a meeting to sign the contract and pay the deposit to hold your day.

-What payments do you take?
All forms… credit card via PayPal or Square, checks (made out to StarryEyed Photography) and cash.
-What if I can’t meet in person to sign the contract?
You can sign the contract digitally and either mail a check or pay with credit card via PayPal.

-We are all booked… Now what?
We will meet before your event to finalize all details and discuss any questions you might have.

-What can I expect after our session?
My turn around time for a portrait session is two weeks. My turn around time for weddings is one month. We will meet when you images are ready and you will receive your disc of digital images and print release. If you would like to order prints or products from me you are more than welcome to do so within ninety days of your image delivery.

-If I can order prints myself, why would I order prints and products from you?
I use a professional lab that will print archival quality material that will last the test of time!
You will be showing your grandchildren those prints! 
Though local drugstores are super convenient to order your prints, the prints that you receive from them are just not the same quality of a professional lab. Also, when printing at local drugstores you have no idea the image quality you are going to get! You might get lucky and have a local drugstore that has an employee who knows what they are doing and is passionate about photography… or you might have a sullen teenager that could care less about the images, does not take the time to color correct your images to their printers, so the colors will be way off from the original files. Most of the time their equipment has its own compression processing that over-saturates, overexposes and just tends to over process the images I have already processed to make you and your family look amazing!

-I want to order prints from you! What should I do?
We could either meet in person or you can send me an email and I will place that order as soon as possible! All orders vary on shipping times depending on what type of product you receive. Albums will take a bit longer because I will custom create the album for you and you will see a digital file to approve before the order is placed.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me! amanda@starryeyedphoto.com

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